The Night Rating is the perfect addition to a PPL.  The course is only 5 hours long, of which 3 hours must be completed with an instructor. You will also have to complete 5 take-offs and landings at night as a solo exercise.


During the course you will complete night circuits, navigation and emergencies. There are no flight tests during the rating, or exams.

On completion of the Night Rating you will be entitled to fly between official night and official day (30 minutes after sunset, and 30 minutes before sunrise respectively). This can provide amazing views, as well as providing more variety and experience to your flying.

Night flying is a special experience and is one of the easiest ratings to add to your licence.

To gain this rating, you must complete the following:

  • 5 hours night flying of which 1 hour must be dual navigation.
  • 5 solo flights (including a night take-off and landing each time).

There are no ground or flight tests for the Night Rating.